Bossy Boots (zitronenhai) wrote in witch_way,
Bossy Boots

So much for that.

I've left pagan. Too much elitism, too many "purists" -- too much arguing. But this place seems quiet and friendly, like a magical forest glade.

So...I am gearing up for the Wishing Moon in October. I've found several different articles on Wishing Moon rituals, but I was wondering if anyone here has one to share?
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I've never heard of Wishing Moon. I would love to hear about it, though. Could you please describe it to me? <3 -Jen
Well...every third full moon (the moon closest to a cross-quarter holiday - the next one is October 10, just before Samhain), one sits down and makes a list of wishes - things they'd like to accomplish, energy they'd like to gather around them, hopes, etc. You show your list to the moon, perhaps annoint it, then put it in a special place where it will stay for the following three lunar cycles. The idea is that those energies should manifest or begin to manifest in that time. Then, on the next Wishing Moon, you take your list out, give thanks for the wishes that have manifested or begun to manifest and repeat the process for the following lunar cycle to strenthen the wishes that are still growing and add new ones to the list. Sometimes, this is also called a List Moon.

Once I find a ritual that resonates, I'll post it here.

By the way, thank you again for creating and moderating this community. I am very happy to be here.
Thanks for replying :D Now I know what a Wishing Moon is and I can get started on my wish list :D And I'd love to see some rituals, too. I am glad that you have joined this community, and even though it's a small community, I hope that you find it enjoyable. One thing that I am trying to do, is to watch the entries and the comments from people in this community. So, if you ever have any problems with anyone trying to argue with you or harass you, and I have not been aware of it, Please feel free to get in touch with me and tell me about it. I want to try to eliminate all the bullcrap that goes on in communities sometimes, if you know what I mean. <3 Jen
pagan is bigger. Big forums tend to become more diverse.
Yep. I know...and bigger fourms tend to spawn more arguments. It's okay...I left, it's all good.