NyxLuna (ex_nyxluna594) wrote in witch_way,

brief intro...cross-posted

I am Nyx, a thirty-nine year old woman residing in Manitoba, Canada. I am studying different traditions and aspects of paganism and Wicca. I like to read from a variety of sources and while I may not post much, I do enjoy reading and learning.
I appreciate the diversity of input.
I am engaged and live with a wonderful man, and we have a pug dog and run a small rattery for pet rats.
I like to sew, read, and do crafty-type things. I enjoy browsing used book stores and thrift shops.
I have spent most of my life as a practicing Christian of various denomination, but since 1999 do not identify soley with anyone faith tradition.
Right now I do some ritual and magick on my own, and according to what I think is right for myself. I belong to a few mailing lists which helps give me input/feedback when I desire that.
I look forward to learning from and with you.
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